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Memorial Day Thoughts

I and my family just spent the better part of the day today attending a Memorial Day Tribute and touring the George H.W. Bush Gallery at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas. There were the presentations … Continue reading

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The Beatitudes of Jesus (# 2)

Beatitude #2- “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted” (from Matthew 5:4) This is perhaps the most “upside-down” of the beatitudes; to be “happy” when you are mourning?! The reason for blessedness in mourning is found in … Continue reading

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The Beatitudes of Jesus (#1)

Before we begin, please read Matthew 5: 1-12 and also Luke 6: 20-23. In The Beatitudes, Jesus reveals the “topsy-turvy” values and logic of the Kingdom of God which are so evidently contrary to the ways of the world. Jesus … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Dietrich Bonhoeffer

This past month, on April 9th, many people around the world, Christians and non-Christians alike, remembered the death of Dietrich Bonhoeffer which came at the hands of the Nazis 66 years ago in Buchenwald prison, just 23 days before Germany … Continue reading

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Does It Matter When We Celebrate Easter?

It seems as if every Easter someone comes out of the woodwork to challenge the Christian tradition of Easter. In years past it has been Time magazine or some other liberal, anti-Christian rag who tries to stir up the faithful … Continue reading

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Does God Really Care Who Wins The National Championship?

I watched (for over two hours, with mild interest and more than occasional bouts of disinterest) the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball National Championship game last night. To be billed as the pinnacle of the sport and the culmination of … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to theupwardcallofgod. Thank you for visiting this blog. Please stay tuned for interesting reading and discussion on relevant spiritual topics for today!

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