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Is It Time For A Third Crusade?

Following is a link to a very disturbing but informative article regarding the Satanic cult known as Islam and how it it stealing, killing, and destroying Christians worldwide. (John 10:10) Muslim Attacks On Christians Leave it to the devil to devise … Continue reading

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Does God Care Who Wins The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship?

Originally Posted on April 8, 2011 by theupwardcallofgod The topic of today’s blog is actually a shortened repost from 5 years ago: Does God really care who wins the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship? And further, by extension, does He care who wins the … Continue reading

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A Simple Discussion on the Sovereignty of God

 A brother in Christ recently sent me this quote in an email to which I include my reply: Men choose their course by what seems to them a free will and they glory in the fact that they are wise … Continue reading

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